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    Department  of  Intelligent  Science  and  Technology

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    The Department of Intelligent Science and Technology has established the Control Simulation Division of the Key Laboratory of UAV Special Technology for National Defense, the Key Laboratory of Information Fusion Technology of the Ministry of Education, and other national and provincial research platforms. After more than 30 years of development, under the guidance of "adhere to the characteristics of serving national defense, pay attention to improve the academic level, strengthen the construction of high-standard platform", closely around the national strategic needs, in intelligent target detection, tracking and identification, air and space unmanned system multi-sensor collaboration and optimization, Bionic information perception and fusion processing such as the direction of the research of basic theories, system integration and the key technology breakthrough, targeting international academic frontier information fusion technology, provide new ideas for the development of information fusion, a new method, new technology, is the high level information fusion field and high-level personnel training important base of scientific research.

    Department Head:

    Cheng Gong 


    Department Branch Secretary:

    Zhao Chunhui 


    Associate Director:

    Li Tiancheng 


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