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    Department  of  Navigation  Guidance  and  Control

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    In 2019 the Department of the Flight Control System was renamed the Department of Navigation Guidance and Control, the national strategic needs for the aerospace field, committed to the aircraft navigation, guidance, intelligent control and so on in the direction of teaching and scientific research work, service for social economic development, for the national air and space, national defense project of major science and technology to provide technical support and training high quality talents. At present, there are scientific research institutions such as the Control Simulation Division of the National Defense Key Laboratory of UAV Special Technology, the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Flight Control and Simulation Technology, and international scientific and technological cooperation platforms such as the National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Aircraft Complex Efficiency Analysis and the China-Russia International Space Tether Technology Research Center.

    Department Head:

    Wang Changqing 


    Department Branch Secretary:

    Li Yan 


    Associate Director:

    Lu Yongxi

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