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    Department of Electrical Engineering

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    The Department of electrical engineering has set up aerospace electrical system technology engineering research center of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of aircraft electric propulsion key laboratory, micro motor and drive technology key laboratory of shaanxi province, shaanxi province, rare earth permanent magnet motor and control engineering technology center, aircraft electrical systems engineering research center, international cooperation in science and technology demonstration base in Shanxi Province. Focusing on the basic and forward-looking technology research in the field of aerospace electrical engineering, it has formed a research direction focusing on rare earth permanent magnet motors, electromechanical servo control and aerospace and spacecraft power systems. And continuously explore to high power electromagnetic pulse/plasma stealth technology, new energy power generation technology, smart grid, used for transport of fuel cell technology, electromagnetic field inverse problem solving and new direction of the optimization technology is given priority to, has the obvious industry characteristic and advantage, for China's national defense enterprises and train a large number of leading high-tech enterprises and scientific research backbone, It has an important influence both at home and abroad.

    Department Head: 

    Li Bingqiang


    Department Branch Secretary: 

    Fu Chaoyang


    Associate Director: 

    Zhou Suying


    Jiao Ningfei


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