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    Department  of  Detection  Technology  and  Automation  System

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    The Department of Detection  Technology and Automation System is developed from the integration of aviation instrument, fluid control and control system, micro and nano micro machinery, etc. It is committed to the theoretical analysis and technical research of the detection and control of aircraft, aircraft, walking machinery, robotics and other related fields. The department aims to serve and solve the national defense, people's livelihood in the field of major needs, involving industry, agriculture, biomedicine and other aspects. The main research includes: (1) Detection technology: advanced inertial navigation and navigation technology, multi-source nondestructive testing technology based on sound, light, electricity and magnetism, intelligent sensor design and application technology, algorithm design of data mining and machine learning in the field of detection, big data analysis, signal processing and information fusion. (2) Automatic control: control technologies such as electromechanical hydraulic system, multi-body dynamics system, robot system, etc. combined with network and artificial intelligence technology. The robot field mainly involves space robot, flying robot, ground walking robot, geological exploration robot, agricultural robot, underwater robot, etc. The Department relies on the Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Flight Control and Simulation Technology, the Key Laboratory of Micro/Nano Systems of the Ministry of Education and the university-enterprise cooperation platform to cultivate leading talents in the field of modern detection and intelligent control, which are research-oriented, application-oriented and entrepreneurial.

    Department Head:

    Fan Zeming


    Department Branch Secretary:

    Li Nan 


    Associate Director:

    Shi Jing

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