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    Department  of  Control  Theory  and  Control  Engineering

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    The Department of Control Theory and Control Engineering has established national scientific research platforms such as "National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Aviation Safety Integrated Monitoring System", "Shaanxi General Aviation System Engineering Research Center" and "Shaanxi Traffic Safety Monitoring Network Engineering Laboratory". Based on the basic and forward-looking issues of control theory, combined with the aviation and aerospace characteristics of our university, we will carry out researches in the frontier fields of intelligent control method, intelligent flight control and management, unmanned system, swarm intelligence, collaborative control, distributed control, intelligent transportation and so on. It has the advantages of system-level equipment research and development in aviation airborne equipment, military/general aviation low-altitude surveillance, urban traffic monitoring and control and other military and civilian fields.

    Department Head:

    Yang Jun


    Department Branch Secretary:

    Tang Wei


    Associate Director:

    Fan Quanyong 


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