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    Automatic Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Shanxi Province

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    Established in 2003, Automatic Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Shanxi Province was awarded "Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Shaanxi Province" in 2008. At present, the Center has 15 laboratories for basic courses such as Automatic Control Principles and Embedded Systems, as well as specialized laboratories for automation, electrical engineering and its automation, and robot engineering. Covering an area of more than 1400 square meters, the center can not only meet the requirements of demonstration, verification, integration and innovation of more than 40 core courses for undergraduates; At the same time also undertake undergraduate graduation design, scientific research training, course design, understanding practice and all kinds of competitions and other open practice teaching tasks. The experimental teaching center has fully realized the opening and sharing of teaching resources: 15 laboratories are open all day, more than 200 kinds of experimental equipment are fully shared, and more than 100 kinds of commonly used experimental components can be freely selected. In addition, the large instrument and equipment sharing center of the School of Automation affiliated to the center includes 14 categories of open shared equipment, covering multiple fields such as aircraft control and simulation, advanced control theory and application, navigation and guidance, aircraft design, pattern recognition, mechanical design and manufacturing, etc.

    Director Head: 

    Fan Zeming


    Director Branch Secretary: 

    Wang Jingfeng 


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